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Our favorite Triple song combo

Whatever You Like (t.i.) ---> Flake (Jack Johnson) ---> Shout!

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Jason Montalvo Pro Video & Photography

He's got the Equipment. He's got the experience. He's got the eye.

Jason Montalvo Photography and VideoJason does all our fancy Videos and Photos for our last few gigs. and he does a sweet job! Take a look at the videos from our SkyDive gig, and soon we will have clips from our Red Ball Performance.

Check out his select work below and reach out if you need some videos or photos for an upcoming event:

Photo -

Video -

email Jay - [ ]

Tik Tok

Check out our KE$ha cover from our show at the Red Lion with Billie Edington.


Cut in a day and put on display

Captivity is for Sheep

Banned from the Zoo is hitting the scene hard.

Although still in their infancy, expectations are set high for this energetic, talented group of musicians. Originally established in 2010, the creative collaboration between read more...

banned from the zoo facebook link


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About BFTZ

We're not just a band from the zoo, we're banned from the zoo.


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BFTZ Andrew Tejerina

Andrew Tejerina

Vocals & Guitar

BFTZ Sanchez Stanfield

Sanchez Stanfield


BFTZ Dave Olverson

Dave Olverson

Vocals & Uke

BFTZ Anthony Carrozzo

Anthony Carrozzo


BFTZ Michael Berrell

Michael Berrell