Banned from the Zoo - BFTZ - Video


Welcome to the jungle

Take a moment to watch some of our official videos. BFTZlive baby!

Download the demo here!

download, unzip and add these files to your music player.

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Tik Tok

Check out our KE$ha cover from our show at the Red Lion with Billie Edington.

We just played the hard rock

and it was awesome. check out our first video release from the show. you get 2 for 1, We open with "Turn on Me" and Close with "Ain't No Sunshine".


Event: Billie Edington w/BFTZ @ Hard Rock Boston
Location: Hard Rock Cafe Boston

"Turn on Me" Unplugged

The softer side of BFTZ

"Encore" Unplugged

all we need is a Mic and some instruments

Thanks to our fans

This is what "Billionaire" by Travie McCoy & Bruno Mars would sound like if they were banned from the zoo.

Sorry for cussin

it's all in good fun. "F You" by Cee-Lo Green performed by the BANNED. First official BFTZlive video release.


Cut in a day and put on display

Don't miss our next show

Did you know that 98% of people that missed our last show, wish they didn't.

Don't be one of those people. We are currently ironing out details for our next gig so keep up to date with BFTZ.

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